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MusicFi Features

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting features of MusicFi
  • ♾️ Membership Payments
MusicFi tokens can be used to pay for membership programs, purchase music, and share favorite albums at will. Additionally, MusicFi tokens offer other privileges such as creating exclusive NFTs.
  • 🎼 Social Interactions
Besides the traditional features of DeFi like swap, trading and staking, MusicFi provides a better platform for social interactions (gain followers, sharing music snippets, daily interaction with fans, etc.).
  • 🎻 Real Play to Earn
In MusicFi app, simply hit the play button and start listening to music, users will start earning. Which enables users to buy music with copyright.
  • 🪗 Ignite your inner musician!
In MusicFi, you can upload the musics you recorded to share with community and get paid instantly.
  • 🥁 Participate in Contest
MusicFi will hold music great prix competition (star singers will be invited as judges) and the winners will be awarded with surprise prizes.
  • 🎺 Audio NFTs
With MusicFi Audio NFTs, users can share music to earn more royalties. In addition, users can also list them in NFT markets such as opensea).
  • 🎸 Much more coming, stay tuned.
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