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Social Circle

We introduce a new feature in Musical Metaverse - MusicFi
A Musical hit is a collective admiration for the song created by the musicians. The social community adaptation of the music plays a major role in this case.
We introduce you a new app for social interactions in MusicFi, Social Circle.

What is Social circle?

Musicfi has developed a separate APP social circle in order to increase users' social interaction, users can upload and share their daily life in their personal social circle, and share their favorite recorded songs.
An intelligent AI system will recommend some friends who like the same style of music according to each user's collection to make regular recommendations. Interaction is essential! We hope you can meet more friends and have fun with Musicfi!

Social Circle App Features

  • Meet New Friends of similar music tastes
  • Share your daily musical listening activity with your friends and community
  • Show your favorite music recordings
  • AI Recommendation system for similar songs
  • Music recommendation based on community
  • Increase social awareness and welfares