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MF Utilities

Anyone can record songs and release it on MusicFi to get $MF.
MusicFi makes it easier for you to release your songs to market and make it faster.
Market your songs with built-in communities, like Twitter where each person can post a text every day. This gives ultimate platform for identifying potential markets for the songs. People can upload their music through Musicfi to earn tokens and gifts from fans, and they can also redeem tokens for the time they spend listening to music on the app.
You can get $MF tokens by sharing your recorded music through the app socially, getting likes from fans, downloading the music.
  • $MF Tokens can be used to purchase membership, etc.
  • Use $MF tokens to buy new music.
  • Buy NFT through tokens to get priority play rights for new songs of your favorite celebrities or music stars. We will purchase the rights and list some paid music for NFT holders or member owners.