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Earnings for Makers as well as Audience

Not just Music Creators, Fans and the Audiences can also make money. It is the best way, MusicFi.

The problems MusicFi addresses

Instead of spending millions on ads and income splits, artists can bypass those middlemen and speak directly to you.
If you're an artist, you may list your albums on MusicFi, and if you have a fan base, they can get paid to listen to them.

Increase your impact

With subscription model from Apple Music and Spotify, you were never have the access to the songs all the time. You end up paying more perpetually for the same songs.
With MusicFi, the listen to earn model will encourage music reach fans and it will bring more sales. So as the songs are listened more by community, as they make more money by listening they are also making the songs to reach wider audiences.

Imaginable musical landscapes of the future:

Artists may find that the decentralized internet is the only "middleman" between them and their followers.
It's possible the musician would get paid the moment a listener hit play.
Many musicians might be more generous to the fans who have changed their lives if they received a larger portion of the profits instead of the record label.
The blockchain has the potential to foster a more meaningful connection between musicians and their audiences. With MusicFi, the platform enhances the music streaming ecosytem.