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MusicFi's Vision

First Stream to Earn Music streaming platform for Web3

Conceived for musicians, governed by audiences

MusicFi is a blockchain-based decentralized music streaming platform.
The project's ultimate goal is to supply musicians and music curators with a comprehensive online venue to promote and disseminate their works.
When artists upload contents to MusicFi and share it with Fans, they can set a price for playing the songs and earn from it. Fans also will be paid based on their listening records.
Listeners will be compensated for their attention, especially when listening to music. All the transactions are recorded and secured by a decentralized network of nodes.
By bridging the gap between musicians and their listeners, MusicFi streamlines the traditionally inefficient music industry.

How are we Better?

MusicFi removes the middlemen in the traditional music industry by connecting artists directly to their fans. Artists have the exclusive ownership of their musics and have the right to decide how to monetize them on the platform.
When compared to Audius, MusicFi benefits not only artists but also their fans.
They have the option of giving their music away for free or charging a price in order to give their listeners access to premium features.
Compared to other Web3 music streaming platforms, MusicFi is a Paradigm Shift.
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